The Campaign for the University of Toronto will explore the boundless possibilities of the University and its community for global leadership.

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  • Melanie-Mastronardi

    On stage and in the lab, the opportunities for exploration are endless

    Melanie Mastronardi

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  • Dong-Ling-Chen

    Working with marginalized communities.

    Dong-Ling Chen

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  • Christina-Ichim

    Exploring ancient worlds.

    Cristina Ichim

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  • Marc-Lombardo

    Education changes the world.

    Marc Lombardo

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  • kate_bruce_lockhart

    Advancing human rights and international development.

    Kate Bruce-Lockhart

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  • Kate Gent

    Caring for people at home and abroad.

    Kate Gent

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  • Zheng-Hong Lu

    Making everyday electronics more energy-efficient.

    Zheng-Hong Lu

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  • Karine Godbout

    Practicing nursing in a global context

    Karine Godbout

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  • provost

    Enhancing the student experience.

    Professor Cheryl Misak

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  • Molly Shoichet

    Targeting medical treatments

    Molly Shoichet

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  • Keren Rice

    Sustaining cultures by preserving language.

    Keren Rice

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  • Ronald Baeker

    Making computers useful for the people who need them most.

    Ronald Baecker

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  • Geoffrey Hinton

    Using the brain’s billions of neurons as a model for machine learning.

    Geoffrey Hinton

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  • Thomas Hurka

    Looking to the history of thought for the future of happiness.

    Thomas Hurka

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  • Derek van der Kooy

    Giving sight to the blind, healing the sick, reading the human mind.

    Derek van der Kooy

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  • Jack Grobe

    A multidisciplinary state of mind.

    Jack Grobe

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  • Ted Sargent

    Here comes the sun, and the nanotechnology to harness it efficiently.

    Ted Sargent

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  • Timothy Harrison

    Shedding new light on a lost age.

    Timothy Harrison

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  • Ray Jayawardhana

    Searching for new worlds and the life they might support.

    Ray Jayawardhana

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  • Richard Florida

    Steering cities' futures by fostering citizens' creativity.

    Richard Florida

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  • Shana Kelley

    Defeating malevolent molecules through early detection.

    Shana Kelley

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  • Ron Diebert

    Shining a spotlight on Internet censorship.

    Ron Deibert

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  • Alexander Levy (right)

    Giving voice to the voiceless.

    Aakash Sahney and Alexander Levy

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  • Elizabeth Edwards

    Micro solutions for macro challenges.

    Elizabeth Edwards

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  • Bev Bradley

    Bringing the breath of life to the developing world.

    Beverly Bradley

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  • Anand Agarwala

    Adding physical weight to digital items.

    Anand Agarawala

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  • Richard Peltier

    Eyeing the weather for hundreds of millions of years

    Richard Peltier

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  • Roger Martin

    An unconventional academic builds a world-class business school.

    Roger Martin

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  • David Jenkins

    Making us better by remaking the way we eat.

    David Jenkins

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  • Ben Kim

    Making music to soothe the fears of people around the world.

    Ben Kim

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  • Dr. Abdallah Daar

    Helping the world from lab to village.

    Abdallah Daar

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Campaign Updates

Boundless: The Campaign for the University of Toronto raised over $1.4 billion by December 31, 2013 and stands at $1.445 billion at the time of writing.

Inspired by a landmark $20 million gift from an anonymous donor, matched generously by the Government of Ontario, the University of Toronto is partnering with three leading health care and research institutions to create a $60 million initiative.

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It's important that students interested in the humanities, especially in the beleaguered domain of comparative literature, have the opportunity to pursue a degree.

Posted by Annika Hannan
October 16, 2010

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