Public funding is needed to support the next generation of scientists

In falling behind on funding, Canada is wasting the talent and potential of our one of our best resources, young scientists. University Professor Mark Lautens writes an op-ed for the Globe and Mail.

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In Memoriam: Barry and Honey Sherman

The University of Toronto community is deeply saddened to learn that Bernard (Barry) Sherman and Honey Sherman – two of our most prominent alumni and visionary supporters, and active members of the U of T community – have died.

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Explore our top priorities in research, teaching and student life and learning

Faculty of Information

Scholarship support

Providing more scholarships to attract a diverse student body and to enable experiential learning for future professionals.

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Faculty of Arts & Science

Fostering new knowledge in ecology to preserve our planet

Leading biodiversity, conservation and environmental research and education in Canada.

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Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Athletic scholarships

Support Varsity Blues student-athletes representing the University of Toronto.

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