The most challenging problems of our globalized world do not fall neatly into single academic disciplines or professions. Many of the most interesting questions are answered by integrating knowledge and insights drawn from a range of fields. Leveraging our multidisciplinary strengths, the Faculty will put this wide-ranging expertise into action to provide an enriched first-year learning experience.

Big Ideas in Arts and Science is being proposed as a new offering that will inspire our incoming undergraduates to examine timeless questions through the lenses of modern insights. Team-taught by our leading professors, these interdisciplinary courses will be organized around a single theme—such as “the mind” or “time”—which will be explored through multiple perspectives.


Lectures will be supplemented by smaller group discussions, during which participants will test the limits and possibilities of the disciplines. As they debate with peers, students will push the boundaries of their own knowledge and gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the subject matter.

The outcome will be undergraduates who are better prepared for advanced study—and better equipped to make the personal, professional and ethical decisions needed for effective and responsible global citizenship.

The campaign for the Faculty of Arts and Science seeks $13 million in expendable funds from private-sector gifts to support the world-class scholars who will develop, teach and lead the program; research coordinators who will develop and manage the research component; graduate students who will be hired as teaching assistants; and specialized administrative and IT support.

    Next Initiative

  • Rotman Commerce banner

    Advancing Economic Prosperity at Home and around the World

    Empowering a new generation of innovative leaders in Commerce.
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  • Ron Baecker and Students banner

    Assistive Technologies to Advance the Human Condition

    Information technology to make people's lives better.
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  • Professor Walid Saleh

    Creating Canada's Premier Institute for Islamic Studies

    A new institute is mobilizing a wealth of research and teaching expertise in Islamic studies.
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  • Professor Jeff Kopstein

    Establishing Our Global Leadership in Jewish Studies

    The Centre for Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary powerhouse for world-class scholarship and teaching in all areas of Jewish studies.
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  • Fostering new knowledge in ecology to preserve our planet

    Fostering New Knowledge in Ecology to Preserve Our Planet

    Leading biodiversity, conservation and environmental research and education in Canada.
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  • Professor Howard Yee and co.

    Our Place in the Cosmos and the Origin of the Universe

    Exploring the farthest reaches of the Universe and the most fundamental questions for humanity.
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  • Mark Stabilb Henry

    Public Policy for Successful Societies

    Building an international flagship for public policy—a place where innovative policy thinking and solutions happen
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  • Professor Russell Pysklywec

    Strengthening Resource Geosciences

    Meeting the demand for research innovations and highly qualified geoscience professionals.
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  • Director Joe Wong with Remi Kanji (BA 2013)

    Understanding Emerging Global Superpowers: Asia

    Advancing knowledge of the complex forces shaping Asian societies in a new era of globalization.
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  • uoft-graduate

    Graduate Excellence Awards

    Attracting the world’s best graduate students, regardless of means or country of origin.
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  • uoft-scholar

    Undergraduate Scholarships

    Access- and merit-based financial support across the humanities, sciences and social sciences.
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  • uoft-first

    First-Year Learning Environments

    Fostering academic success and a sense of community in the crucial first year of study.
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  • uoft-intllearn

    International Learning Experiences

    Answering the call to prepare the global citizens of the future.
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  • uoft-research

    Undergraduate Research Opportunities

    Nurturing curiosity, analysis and deep disciplinary knowledge.
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