Taking the College to the community through a revolutionary first-year course.

SMC One Cornerstone is an innovative program designed to provide a framework—academic, extracurricular and societal—for students entering their first year. It differs from other “One” programs in its openness to all St. Michael’s students and its specific dedication to community and social justice. The Cornerstone credit course examines social justice in the context of history, theology, politics, philosophy, psychology and sociology.

Students also enrol in service-learning projects in one in four areas: Life and Health, Environment and Earth, Politics and Society or Thought and Culture. They learn about human interconnectedness, how best to collaborate, how to work effectively in teams. They reflect on the major questions of today in the context of their academic studies and their community life as citizens of the University

The goals are to provide an engaging, small-group learning experience; to encourage critical reflection on the relationship between theory and practice by integrating academic studies with community service; to introduce students to the core mission of St. Michael’s, including its institutional commitment to social justice; to cultivate lasting relationships between St. Michael’s College and other community partners, including Catholic care providers and other non-profit organizations committed to social justice.