A century of
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Shaping Tomorrow’s Nursing Leaders

Since 1920, the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing has prepared each generation of nurses to excel in professional practice, engage in transformative research, and develop strategies and policies for improving health outcomes in Canada and globally.

As we mark our 100th anniversary, we celebrate our history of leadership and the future role that Bloomberg Nursing graduates will play in shaping the nursing profession, advancing the health-care system and offering outstanding patient care.

Never has support for nursing education, research and well-being been more vital. We invite you to join us and other proud members of our community by contributing to Bloomberg Nursing’s next century of nursing leadership.

Together, we can shape tomorrow’s nurse leaders.

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  • Education Fund

    Help educate future nurse leaders

    Victoria Porco
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    What could be more validating for a student nurse than taking control of a real-life medical emergency? Thanks to the excellent hands-on instruction she received at Bloomberg Nursing, first-year student Victoria Porco did just that.

    Only a few weeks into her first term, Porco was taking the GO train home after class when she came across a fellow passenger with a large gash across his forehead. When she realized nobody else was stepping in to help, Porco took charge and applied the skills she’d just learned in her Simulation Lab.

    “As I cared for him, I could hear my professor’s voice guiding me step by step.” says Porco. “At that moment, I understood what it was to feel like a nurse, and I’ve never looked back.”

    Your gift will help Bloomberg Nursing students like Victoria Porco receive the education and opportunities they need to become clinicians and leaders in an increasingly complex global health-care landscape.

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    “My greatest takeaway from Bloomberg Nursing has been to use every moment as an opportunity to learn. Some of your most challenging days will be the ones you learn the most from.”
    Victoria Porco Student at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
  • Research Fund

    Help develop the next generation of nurse researchers

    Kelly Metcalfe
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    “Nurses bring a critical perspective to health-sciences research that is often overlooked,” says Professor Kelly Metcalfe, whose groundbreaking work on hereditary breast and ovarian cancers is helping patients better evaluate treatment options and vastly improve their survival rates.

    Metcalfe’s research has contributed to our understanding of how to prevent and treat breast cancers associated with BRCA gene mutations. Her research has shown that surgical interventions can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 90 per cent and increase cancer survival by 50 per cent.

    “I want women to have this genetic information, so they are in a position to take control over their futures.” says Metcalfe. “As a nurse, that’s what my research offers them.”

    Your gift will help our researchers continue to explore crucial questions and translate their findings to improve health care and better the lives of Canadians and people worldwide.

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    “When someone thinks of research, their mind usually goes to a lab with test tubes. That’s not generally what nurses do. My research takes what happens in the lab and translates it to the patient, who ultimately benefits from basic science discoveries.”
    Kelly MetcalfeAssociate Dean, Research and External Relations and Professor of Nursing at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Metcalfe is also a Senior Scientist with Women’s College Research Institute.
  • Student Wellness Fund

    Support student mental health and well-being

    Ramata Tarawally
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    Wellness is more than being free from illness. It is an active commitment to physical, mental and social well-being that contributes to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

    Bloomberg Nursing recognizes that being a nursing student comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities, which is why we foster an educational environment that encourages our diverse student population to grow and thrive.

    “As a student, one of the things I most appreciated about Bloomberg Nursing is their focus on the whole person,” says Bloomberg alumna Ramata Tarawally, who is now the Associate Director of Community Wellness at Trinity College.

    Your gift will allow us to provide wellness-focused programming that helps to build resilience, alleviate stress and enhance all aspects of life as a Bloomberg Nursing student.

    Donate to wellness
    “In choosing a career that’s focused on wellness, I’m able to work with people who may not yet be sick but are struggling through something. I love helping people overcome adversities and live their best lives.”
    Ramata Tarawally BScN ’12, MN ’18, Associate Director of Community Wellness at Trinity College

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