Over the last fifty years, Innis College has fostered a rich and diverse community committed to growth and achievement. From the first pioneering cohort in September 1964 to the current generation in 2016, Innis students have been central to forging an identifiable ethos for the College. Innis’ reputation as a small, close-knit learning environment that encourages student participation, leadership and innovation remains strong.

Dynamic academic programs, meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community, leadership programming, and experiential learning placements, define Innis College as an urban, forward-looking, community-oriented hub in the heart of the University.

The campaign for Innis College, which is part of Boundless, the University’s comprehensive fundraising campaign, seeks support for initiatives that will directly enhance student life and learning and sustain the College’s two programs (Urban Studies, Writing and Rhetoric), as well as the Cinema Studies Institute. One of North America’s leading film schools, the Institute is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2015/16, and has made key contributions to the evolution of this academic discipline through its commitment to scholarship and pedagogy.

With the critical revitalization of Town Hall now complete, student financial aid is the campaign’s top priority.




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