In 2007 Lawrence Bloomberg brought a $10-million donation to U of T's nursing faculty, advancing the science and scholarship that underpin nursing education locally, nationally and globally. Over the past two years, it has been ranked third and sixth best nursing faculty internationally, and the best in Canada.

Posted on June 23, 2017

In 2007 Lawrence Bloomberg brought a $10-million donation to U of T’s Faculty of Nursing, advancing the science and scholarship that underpin nursing education locally, nationally and globally. At the time, Dr. Bloomberg’s contributions represented the largest private investment in a Canadian nursing Faculty. In recognition of the generous gift, the Faculty became the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.

“Over the past 10 years, the health care landscape has changed and Bloomberg Nursing has transformed along with it; Dr. Bloomberg could see that a quality education is an important way to move nursing leadership forward,” says Dean Linda Johnston. “Dr. Bloomberg’s visionary investment has in fact elevated the Faculty’s global reputation as a leading destination for nursing education and research.”

The landmark donation has allowed the Faculty to continue to provide a world-class education, expand its programs, increase the use of simulation and technology in the classroom, deepen support of nursing research and, ultimately, help meet the demands of a growing and aging population. Bloomberg Nursing is now rated the top nursing school in Canada and among the best in the world, ranking third and sixth best nursing faculty internationally over the past two years, and the best in Canada.

In the ten years since the donation was made, the Faculty has strengthened its capacity in supporting students, faculty and professional development.

Students have been able to take advantage of the Faculty’s innovative virtual curriculum which includes an online master’s degree program for nurse practitioners. This unique program allows students across the country to pursue studies while continuing to deliver health care in their communities.

Technology advances such as the Simulation Lab help students hone their clinical skills by practising on high-fidelity mannequins, replicating situations that could occur in a clinical health care setting.

The transformative gift also established the Schulich Awards in Nursing – awards that provide financial support for up to 50 students each year. It also created the Tom Kierans International Postdoctoral Fellowship program, which brings international junior scholars to the Faculty for up to one year full-time to work on an approved program of research.

The Centre for Professional Development (CPD) has been enhanced significantly as a result of the gift. This hub for advanced professional development opportunities and exam preparation gives practitioners the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to improve their practice and excel in their fields as well as valuable networking opportunities. The historic gift also established five professorships, including the Frances Bloomberg International Distinguished Visiting Professor program, which gives faculty and students the opportunity to learn from international experts while increasing overall knowledge translation and information sharing.

“Our Faculty is grateful for Lawrence Bloomberg’s generosity and commitment to improving health care,” says Dean Johnston. “A decade after his historic contributions to our Faculty, the impact on students and teaching has been and continues to be tremendous.”