I give to the Fraser Mustard Institute of Human Development because I see how important the first six years of life are every day (my kids are 1 ½ and almost 6!). I'm proud to play even a small part in this important research.

Posted by Laura Clark

I donated to general university bursaries because they have the ability to help students in so many ways. A bursary could be the difference between eating a bag of chips for dinner or buying an actual meal. It makes buying a textbook possible rather than fighting someone in the library for it every week. As a student, a bursary was the decision making factor in whether or not I could afford to continue my degree in my third year, or whether I would need to take a semester off to pay for tuition. At that rate, who knows if I would have been able to go back to school again? When scholarships, part-time wages and family finances didn’t pan out, bursaries never let me down.

Posted by Mariaveronica Barbuto

My husband and I are very proud to support the Faculty of Nursing.  My mother-in-law is a nurse and was a university professor for most of her career.  We are so pleased to help support the next generation of nursing professionals as nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system.

Posted by Heather C. Ullman

Nobody should be held back from fulfilling their potential by financial fear. I give to student awards so that every individual who has the drive and qualifications to succeed in higher education gets that opportunity. Education is not an expense – it is an investment.

Posted by Amanda Maleganovski

I give to the President’s Entrance Scholarship because I benefitted from an entrance scholarship when I was a first-year student; it alleviated the burden and stress of going from being a carefree high school student to suddenly having to pay for everything. I hope my donation, along with others, gives students one less thing to worry about as they make that exciting but stressful transition to first year.

Posted by Wasila Baset

I support the Goldring Centre for High Performance because it’s the kind of facility that makes students proud and excited to be on this campus. I also support a student bursary that honours a member of my family to show support for their legacy and the students who benefit from it.

Posted by Rachel Keeling

I support an unrestricted scholarship from the faculty where I graduated, because without my liberal arts degree I wouldn't be working here today or have had the same career opportunities presented to me without the education I received from U of T. As the first member of my family to graduate from university, I want other students whom I will never know, or ever meet to receive some extra financial assistance to continue or complete their studies. U of T has greatly influenced my life and I hope my small gift can make a positive impression in theirs.

Posted by Michael Page

I give to the Art History program at Arts & Science because I’m passionate about art and also what it tells us about the past. I give to the Advancement Staff Campaign because I am honoured to work with this great team.

Posted by Mila Miller

In an environment increasingly beset by cynicism and insularity, giving to higher ed, and U of T in particular, is fundamentally about optimism, hope, and a commitment to creating a better world.

Posted by David

I was proud to be the Archaeology Centre's first donor, and I was motivated to support the university where I received such a great education and am now privileged to work in an area that I'm passionate about. Arts & Science has brought together the many outstanding archaeologists who are spread across different departments into one centre, and this gives students lots of great opportunities for learning and research. I'm so happy to be a part of the Archaeology Centre's community and to support its efforts.

Posted by Jody Townshend

In my first or second year at U of T, I worked on an ad about a grad of the Transitional Year Programme. She was a single mom who went from the TYP to a degree from U of T. Now she runs her own business and is a donor herself. The story got me. So I started giving something to the TYP through the Annual Fund. Living, breathing benefits of giving are just walking around campus.

Posted by Susan

I give to the Faculty of Music because I believe in art and artists, and the power of music to transform our thoughts and emotions.

Posted by Tyler Greenleaf

When I think about why I give, I think about what matters to me - opportunities for my kids, offering a helping hand to those less fortunate, the health and prosperity of future generations. I believe deeply that we all have an important role to play in shaping the change that we want to see in the world.

I am very proud to support the amazing efforts taking place here. From cyber bullying to water remediation to life-changing medical advances, the incredible range and impact of the university is both humbling and inspiring to be a part of.

It's not how much I give that matters, it's the belief that as a community, we are stronger and together we will help shape the world we want to live in by believing the best is yet to come.

Posted by Chuck Chan

I donate monthly to the S.D. Clark Fellowship in the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and Science. I graduated with Honours, majoring in Sociology. I stumbled upon the subject when I first began my undergrad as I wasn’t quite sure what to study. Sociology soon became my passion and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to study it. The S.D. Clark fellowship awards a Ph.D. student on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. I think it’s very important to support initiatives that provide opportunities for those in financial need to allow them to follow their passion, just as I was able to follow mine.

Posted by Alycia Bromley

I donate to University College's Building Revitalization and Commuter Funds so students can continue to enjoy the buildings I called home for my years as a U of T student. My family has been affiliated with UC for three generations, and knowing that future students will look at the building with the same pride and sense of belonging that I do means the world to me!

Posted by Susan Fine

I'm supporting Patrick Gunning's work because cancer has affected so many people in my life, and I believe he can help cure this disease.

Posted by Chris Bowes