The Faculty of Music is committed to exploring how music influences our health and shapes human society.

Music is a powerful art form because it draws on all aspects of the human experience, from the physical, mental and emotional to the social and spiritual.

The Faculty of Music has numerous active partnerships within the University, including collaborations with research units in the humanities, education, business, law and medicine. To further cultivate these interdisciplinary projects and programs, we envision funding dedicated to innovation, and dedicated champions to lead new areas of interdisciplinary scholarship.

  • Dean’s Innovation Fund: In a fast-paced world, leaders need resources and agility to capitalize on unexpected prospects and meet unforeseen needs. This dynamic tool will enable the Dean to direct funds wherever they are needed most and above all, to foster nascent interdisciplinary research initiatives. 
  • Chair in World Music and Ethnomusicology: Ethnomusicology not only examines what music is but why it exists, what it means and how it illuminates the human condition. Our dynamic program needs a leader who can concentrate on building its excellence and expanding our partnerships with other disciplines in the University. 
  • Chair in Music and Health: Together with the Faculty of Medicine, our Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) investigates the fascinating relation of music to human health. A key element in realizing MaHRC’s potential lies in establishing a permanent Chair to marshal talent, foster innovative research, train health professionals in the exciting clinical applications and position the University of Toronto as a global leader in this area.