Encouraging student leadership and creativity through exposure to inspiring figures and challenging ideas.

We believe that success in today’s world requires an education that promotes open inquiry, creative problem-solving, and real-world experience. This is why in 2011-12 we introduced UC One, a set of small, intensive seminars for first-year students on the theme of civic engagement.

Students enrolled in UC One are encouraged to look at the world through a number of different lenses. In the four streams that comprise UC One, students explore topics such as citizenship, health, sexuality, and culture in small classes led by top professors and featuring guest speakers who are leaders in the community.

UC One encourages leadership and creativity by exposing students to inspiring figures and challenging ideas. Students also participate in field excursions where they apply classroom-based learning in the real world and build on the UC tradition of giving back to the community.

UC One allows students to fully engage with the material, their professors, and each other in a way that is not possible in a larger class setting. The small class sizes help ease the transition from high school to university, and the close interaction with faculty lets students hone their skills for success in whatever field of study they choose to pursue.

Support for UC One will enable this program to grow and expand the number of students who can benefit from its unique approach to teaching and learning. Our matching program doubles the impact of gifts made to the UC One endowment.