A generous commitment to our rights and freedoms.

David Asper believes deeply in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That’s one reason he donated $7.5 million to establish the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights at U of T’s Faculty of Law. The other reason is quite personal: “I received a gift at U of T—the opportunity to complete a graduate degree in law—and now I’m giving back.”

Asper’s generosity will ensure that future generations of lawyers serve as guardians of what are deeply held principles in just and democratic societies.

U of T law has always been at the forefront of scholarship, teaching and test case litigation on the country’s most important constitutional issues. The Asper Centre will take that outstanding tradition to new heights, making a lasting impact on the protection of the principles and values enshrined in the Canadian Constitution.

“The work of the Centre will give life and meaning to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” says Asper. It will also share Canada’s constitutional vision with a broader world.

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