Changing how we think about disease, disability and old age.

Research linking engineering and medicine opens a new vista for humanity. It has the potential to change how we think about disease, disability and old age by creating the materials of regenerative medicine and the next-generation tools and technologies that address long-standing challenges in human health.

At the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, scholars are working across the engineering disciplines and in partnership with colleagues in medicine and dentistry and U of T’s affiliated teaching hospitals to develop groundbreaking medical technologies and devices that will enable revolutionary ways to detect, visualize and treat disease.

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We are also working in research areas that advance patient care by creating tools that help inform policy on how to operate, sustain and, ultimately, improve Canada’s health care infrastructure.

In these efforts, U of T Engineering harnesses the full power of Toronto’s health sciences network one of the largest, most productive academic health centres in North America, consisting of nine major research hospitals, dozens of institutes and 20 community-affiliated hospitals and where annual research activity totals more than $1 billion annually. This remarkable environment allows students and faculty to plug into Canada’s preeminent health care facilities where they can further refine and apply their research in real-life settings.