Creating a Centre for exchange, collaboration, innovation and impact 
in applied mathematics.

The world needs highly qualified professionals who are skilled in the mathematical sciences—people who have strong computational, analytical and theoretical tools—to seize the opportunities that emerge every day. U of T is the ideal incubator for this talent and invention. We want to strengthen our capacity to harness the boundless power and potential of mathematics to meet global challenges.

The University of Toronto plans to create a Centre for Applied Mathematics. Housed in a dedicated space designed to foster exchange and collaboration, the Centre for Applied Mathematics will bring together a critical mass of pioneering principal investigators working in cutting-edge research clusters. They will lead cross-generational teams of post-doctoral fellows, visiting professors and graduate students working with industry and international partners.

The Centre will focus on the development of theoretical and practical techniques for modeling, analysis and computation, leading to industrial and societal innovation and the creation of new business enterprises. It will be designed to support sectors ranging from environment and health, to information and communication technologies, to advanced manufacturing. The laboratories will be hubs of innovation, exchange and collaboration as our scientists work to ideate and design solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing societies today.

The Centre has the potential to accelerate advances in research across many sectors, and to train the highly qualified professionals who—in a world in which literacy and ingenuity in math are increasingly in demand—are essential to drive the economic agenda forward.