Charles Baillie (BA 1962 TRIN) and Marilyn Baillie (BA 1965 TRIN) have made a $1-million gift to establish the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Award for Trinity students in need of financial support to complete their education.

Posted on June 29, 2015

The Baillies have been strong supporters of education for many years, within their growing family and through their careers—Marilyn as an educator, children’s magazine editor and award-winning children’s book author, and Charles through two terms as Chancellor of Queen’s University and through the creation of a children’s literacy program through TD Bank Financial Group during his time as CEO.

Last year, they approached their alma mater to find out the best way they could create a legacy of student support. The result is a $1-million gift to establish the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Award for Trinity students in need of financial support to complete their education. “Marilyn and I believe deeply in the power of education to help people create their own success and to help build a stronger Canada,” says Charles Baillie. “We want to help ensure that every student who has earned a place at Trinity College has the same opportunity to access the first-rate Trinity education that we both had many years ago.”

Donations given to bursaries have a lasting and profound impact on students each year. SuJung Lee, a fourth-year student studying economics with a specialization in philosophy, knows first-hand how much financial assistance means to the student experience.  “My parents don’t earn enough to support my post-secondary education,” says Lee. “It’s been stressful, I feel like I’m scraping by all the time, and I’m not alone. You have no idea how much bursary support means to a student like me.” The first recipient of the Baillies’ support is a second-year student (who wishes to remain anonymous). Relieved of the pressure to cover her own education costs following a family illness, she describes the Baillies’ support as a blessing. “It has allowed me to continue to live in residence, stay involved on campus, and focus on my studies. The Baillies are a wonderful example of giving back, and I’m so grateful.”

The Baillies’ endowment builds on the College’s proud history of alumni supporting the next generation of Trinity students in achieving their dreams. It will also help the College respond to increasing requests for that support in an era of rising education costs and reduced government funding: Over the next five years, the demand for needs-based awards is expected to grow by 34 percent. By establishing the endowment, the Baillies are providing $40,000 every year for Trinity students in need.

“Trinity students are achievers who go on to make substantial contributions to their communities and to Canada,” says Trinity Provost Mayo Moran. “We are so grateful to Marilyn and Charles. Through their generous gift and their vocal support of education, they are helping to ensure that our next generation of leaders has the support it needs to succeed.”