Siblings Daisy C.F. Ho and Lawrence Ho have launched a matching campaign to expand the prestigious University of Toronto (Hong Kong) Foundation Scholarships.

Posted on October 19, 2018

In 1995, a group of dedicated Hong Kong luminaries and proud supporters of the University of Toronto came together with a shared vision: to provide exceptional Hong Kong students with financial need a chance to study and enjoy a life-changing experience at U of T, one of the world’s top-ranked universities.

In the more than 20 years since, U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation Scholarships have allowed 80 outstanding recipients to go to U of T. Upon graduation, these scholars—many of whom are the first in their family to attend university—apply their unparalleled U of T education to achieve global success in fields ranging from law, finance, education and more. Many have chosen to return to Hong Kong, giving back to the communities that supported them.

Now, ahead of its 25th anniversary, the U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation is calling on its dedicated community to help ensure deserving Hong Kong students get a chance to attend U of T regardless of financial need by supporting the new HK Match campaign.

Speaking at the recent U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation’s Chairs’ Circle reception, Vice-President, Advancement David Palmer announced the launch of a new campaign to support the Scholarship programme, and that Ms. Daisy C.F. Ho (MBA 1990) and her brother Mr. Lawrence Ho (BA 1999 VIC) will personally match every gift. The HK Match presents an invaluable opportunity for donors to double their impact on deserving Hong Kong students and will allow the Foundation to expand its existing scholarship programme so that it fully covers tuition and living costs.

“These scholarships are an important bridge between our two dynamic and globally-minded regions,” said University of Toronto President Meric Gertler. “This HK Match will deepen a long and fruitful partnership that has helped many promising Hong Kong students accomplish incredible things around the world with a U of T education. I am grateful to U of T alumni Ms. Daisy Ho and Mr. Lawrence Ho for their generous and inspirational leadership.”

A legacy of global impact

The impact of the U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation scholars over the past two decades is impressive. In the past 23 years, more than 80 scholarships have been awarded, and recipients have pursued degrees in 43 different disciplines, with 59 per cent of graduates going on to post-graduate study.

Today, they live and work in 15 nations around the world in five continents across 11 different professional fields. Some have returned to Hong Kong, reinvesting their skills and talents as leaders in their communities. Most scholars attribute their career success to their life-changing experience at U of T. Mr. Raymond Lai (BSc 2007 UTSC), a Hong Kong scholar and software programmer with IBM, says appreciatively that his U of T education “is the reason I am where I am today.”

U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation Scholarships

The U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation Scholarships are among the most generous undergraduate scholarships offered at U of T, and the most competitive. Recipients demonstrate exceptional academic ability, extraordinary leadership skills, and come from families who, without financial assistance, would not be able to afford to give their children an international education. Scholars can pursue studies in any field of their choosing at U of T, and the expanded scholarship programme will fully cover tuition, residence, meals, books, local transport, health insurance and other expenses.

Donor generosity enables these students to enjoy what is truly a life-changing experience

“My brother Lawrence and I, along with the Foundation’s other founding members and current board, know first-hand the value of a University of Toronto education, how it builds confidence and broadens your perspective on the world,” said Ms. Daisy Ho, U of T (Hong Kong) Foundation chair. “In meeting these scholars over the years, I can see not only how important this Scholarship is for the students themselves, but also for the people, businesses and societies they lead and inspire each and every day, whether in Hong Kong or around the globe.”

“Quality education has never been more important, both to its young recipients and the communities, industries and services that benefit from continually improving standards. We mustn’t forget that within the lifespan of a single generation, the employment market these young people enter has expanded from local and regional, to national and global,” added Mr. Lawrence Ho. “We’re delighted to match the gifts of our generous donor community to provide Hong Kong’s most promising students a successful path, not just in their careers, but in their lives. We’re deeply thankful for the many who continue to support the Foundation’s work. It is their generosity that enables these students to enjoy what is truly a life-changing experience at U of T.”

Support the HK Match today and your gift will be doubled through the extremely generous donations of Daisy and Lawrence Ho. You can give by visiting, or by contacting Ms. Michelle Poon, Associate Director Asia-Pacific Advancement Office, University Advancement, University of Toronto at +852 2375-8258 or

Support the HK Match today and your gift will be doubled through the extremely generous donations of Daisy and Lawrence Ho.

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