Alan Saskin is one of Toronto’s pre-eminent real estate developers who combines urban development with community arts integration. He is the founder, President and CEO of Urbancorp, a Toronto-based residential development company that develops, sells and builds homes in the Greater Toronto Area, with a focus on sustainable design and development.

Under Saskin’s leadership, Urbancorp has developed an innovative corporate commitment to work with and support the local artistic community where it builds. For example, Saskin led Urbancorp’s partnership with Artscape™ to construct 72 artist, live/work units, as part of a downtown Toronto loft project. Under his direction, the company is also constructing a 38,000 square foot facility for the Toronto Media Arts Cluster, a not-for-profit artist cooperative in the mixed media field.

Saskin obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from McGill Univesity and a MBA from Harvard.