For 160 years, St. Michael’s College has prepared men and women in mind, body and spirit for lives of character, service and accomplishment. Our resolve is to build on the past and assure the future with our $50-million Boundless Community campaign.

A federated college within the University of Toronto, St. Michael’s has an undergraduate student body of more than 4,800. The Faculty of Theology and the internationally acclaimed Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies make the college home also to more than 350 graduate students. Approximately 500 students are in residence. Community is the key St. Michael’s concept.

Boundless Community will focus on five main objectives: revitalizing our historic campus; improving our superb library services to create a library for the future; establishing SMC One Cornerstone, a revolutionary program for first-year students that combines academic study with community service; enriching our distinctive Book & Media Studies, Celtic Studies, Mediaeval Studies and Christianity & Culture undergraduate programs; and enhancing student support to attract the best students regardless of need.

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