Explore our top priorities in research, teaching and student life and learning

Woodsworth College

Access programs

Support is needed for students to have success in these two innovative programs

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University College

Classrooms and study spaces

Updating UC’s academic spaces through the addition of state-of-the-art audio-visual and electrical fixtures.

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Celebrating 10 years of Schulich Leader Scholarships at the University of Toronto

The Schulich Leader Scholarships, founded by philanthropist Seymour Schulich, are graduating Canada’s next generation of science and tech leaders. Meet three success stories from U of T.

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Donors endow the Michael J. Trebilcock Law & Economics program

Celebrating 50 years of the Law & Economics program, alumni, family and friends of Michael J. Trebilcock donate more than $1.9 million to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

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